The Merger of the Ancient Hearth and the Modern Television

What is it about a fireplace that makes todayís homeowners want to crown it with a LCD or plasma TV? Did you know thatís the most popular place for flat screen installation?

Traditionally (meaning a long, long time agoÖ) fireplaces were the center of the home. It was logical because they were the center of life-sustaining warmth and cooking. The family gathered there for comfort, and survival. It was a primal thing.

But in this age of central air and heat, we really donít need fireplaces, do we? Yet they continue to stand at the center of our affections, a visual anchor for the living or family room (and even kitchens and bedrooms) and a focal point for family life and entertaining. And what do people want to gather around today, to watch the news, the Super Bowl or American Idol? Their LCD or plasma TV, of course, preferably mounted on a wall so it will look its best and save space. And what wall? More often than not in rooms with a fireplace (even a fake one) the TV now goes above that ancient symbol of life.

The television and the fireplace: the merger of the old and new centers of life and connection.

So itís only natural that the LCD and plasma TVs should be mounted atop it, or above the mantel. Why wasnít this done years ago? Well, itís something only possible in the last few years with the advent of increasingly affordable flat screen displays. After all, try mounting an old boxy CRT monitor TV above a fireplace Ö not easy Ö or pretty.

At Audio Visual Experts, Inc., we know that above-the-fireplace installation is one of the main requests from our customers seeking home theater installation. Thatís why weíre experts at it.

Audio Video Experts Inc. is your one-stop shop for reliable, top-quality home theater installations, consisting of plasma or LCD television, DVD player, receiver and surround speakers.

We integrate all your components to maximize your experience, including TV, VCR, DVD, DVR, Internet TV, Video Game Unit, Audio Receiver, Amplifier, CD player, CD recorder, Audio tape deck, Mini-disk player, existing Home Theater Speaker System (up to 5 speakers), and/or Home Theater in a box.

Of course you donít have to go so big. You might want to simply have your LCD or plasma TV mounted safely, cleanly and effectively above your fireplace. We can do that too. In fact weíre not limited to home installation either -- we can also install in restaurants, grocery stores and mini-markets, government facilities, stores of all kinds (clothing, etc.) and convention and meeting centers. Nor do we stop at home theater and plasma/LCD TV installation Ė we are also adept and designing and setting up your home or business surveillance system.

We donít even have to mount your gorgeous new TV on top of your fireplace (if you have one). Weíre happy to put it exactly where YOU want.